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Do This (zero prep, zero mess) Activity with your Toddlers!

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I don't know about you guys, but these short winter days feel the longest. Probably because all our activities are cancelled, and it's school vacation week for older kids, but this week has just been dragging on and on. Is it summer yet? Why am I wishing my life (and, more importantly, my children's lives) away? Oh great, here comes the mom guilt...

Anyway, I've got 2 kids that are about as different as they can be. Teddy is 3, and he does everything with this whole body (hello gross motor!). Hazel is 1, and such a dainty careful little one (helloooo fine motor!). So, finding activities that fit the both of them for a long time can be a little challenging.

If you're like me, you're constantly trying to come up with new things for your toddlers to do... I can't recommend this activity enough! I've been doing this with my two kids lately and they both LOVE it: Scratch-off paper!

So simple. So elegant. You literally just give them a sheet of the paper, something sharp-ish (this kit comes with wooden dowels and stencils), and let them go at it!

Zero prep, zero cleanup, zero mess. That's my kind of activity. Plus, I got a little therapeutic time in doing my own sheet!

(Of course, always supervise your kids when they are working with anything that could poke their eyes).

What I love about scratch-off paper:

  • It's more gross-motor oriented than coloring, which my son has never been into. But, my fine-motor oriented daughter still loves it, too.

  • If your kids are prone to destroying crayons and markers, this is pretty immune to that. All they get is a wooden stick and their sheet of scratch-off paper. And this kit comes with stencils, too, which has been fun.

  • Because the sheets are worth more than regular paper, it's a good conversation starter about being mindful and planning your design.

  • I don't have to worry about anyone accidentally drawing on my table, or the walls, or the floor, or themselves...

  • You can bring it to restaurants! It doesn't make a mess, so it's great for traveling.

This kit comes with everything you need. It's just ready to go! Love that.

Grab yourself a pack of scratch off paper and enjoy that coffee while it's still hot for once, mama.

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