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This Flower Garden Toy Will Bring You Peace And Brighten Your Day

Spring into Spring with this open-ended flower garden toy. It makes a great Easter gift!

I honestly can't say enough good things about this handy little flower kit. Kids know what to do with it right away, and there are a million extension activities you can do with this kit (scroll down for ideas)! The bright colors and flower motif brighten my mood, and what brightens my mood more is that my kids will play with this independently while I sip my coffee (or, you know, scroll Tiktok.) It comes with enough pieces that they can easily divide the kit into two halves and play by themselves, or they can work as a team to build something together. Because there are multiple of all the pieces, there's nothing to fight over.

Honestly, you won't find a lot of plastic toys in our playroom. But this one is totally worth it.

This Toy Is For Boys. And For Girls.

Well, all toys are. But, if you're thinking, "Well, I have sons who are 'total boys,' i.e. only into trucks or dinosaurs and playing rough, so they won't like flowers" - I'd still try it. My son (who fits that description) adores this kit and I love it for his fine motor development, which is not his strong suit so I'm always trying to find new ways to develop this in him. We play with it every day in our house, until it gets rotated out (I rotate our our toys every 3 months or so) - and when it comes back, both kids are always thrilled to see it. The pieces all easily fit into the storage container (which is transparent, so kids can see what's inside, which I love).

What Ages is This Toy For?

It says 3 and up on the Amazon page, but I give it to my 1yo daughter and she does great with it. You know your child best, so of course use your best judgement when deciding what types of toys you buy for them based on their age and needs. For a younger toddler, I would remove all of the smaller pieces that could be choking hazards and only give them the stems, flowers and the bases.

So Many Ways to Play! Here Are Some Ideas:

  • See how high of a flower tower you can build (this is my 3yo's favorite way to play)

  • Try to make a pattern with the different flowers: teach your child about patterns and how to recognize them. For example, if you alternate between yellow and purple, and place a yellow one, you can ask them to choose which comes next.

  • Take them in the bath - both the stems and the flowers can act like mini funnels.

  • "Plant" them in Play Doh (this is my 1yo's favorite way to play)

  • Another Play Doh way to play: use the flowers to make impressions in the play dough. For an older child, play a game where you make an impression with each flower, and then your child guesses which flower made which impression.

  • Bring them outside and let your kids "plant" them in the dirt! Playing in dirt is SO GOOD for your child's natural immune system development. They clean off with soap and water.

Make sure you share with me on Instagram & TikTok if your children are doing these activities - you'll get entered in my giveaway! (If your account is private then DM me a screenshot of your post so I'm sure to see it).

Have FUN!



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