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Montessori Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?? Especially when the goal is to only FIND things, not collect them (and ultimately leave them in a pile so that, later, Mom has to spend time going back around and doing the scavenger hunt in reverse, putting everything back where it was originally).

This scavenger hunt, aimed at younger toddlers, is a Montessori inspired scavenger hunt. It's designed to get your little one moving, but also to inspire some thought about how we can best be fostering independence in our younger toddlers.

Heard enough? Get the free downloadable PDF.

Encouraging Independence in Younger Toddlers

This is equally important if you have a naturally independent child or if you have a child who naturally wants you to do everything for them. Younger toddlers typically want (nay, NEED) to be helpers, so let's not squash this natural urge!! They can help you by helping themselves in lots of small ways you may not have thought of.

How Independence Relates to a Scavenger Hunt:

This simple scavenger hunt includes items to find that are all things your child can and should have access to. You may not have thought, for example, to put the kids' plates and cups at a level they can reach. They may be high up in the cabinet with your plates. If you put them down low (ours are in a Lazy Susan cabinet), your child can be tasked with helping set the table at dinner time. For example, we recently started giving our three year old small mason jars to drink out of at dinner time (instead of our usual thermos straw cups), and he is completely responsible for filling them up with water at the refrigerator spout. It takes one thing off my plate at an already hectic time of day. Sure, it was a bit of work getting the routine set up, but the payoff was really worth it.

Dialogue to Foster Independence:

  • "You're thirsty? Okay, go get a cup and I will help you fill it up."

  • "Dinner will be ready soon, please get a plate and fork and bring it to the table."

  • "We're leaving soon, please go get your shoes and I will help you put them on."

  • "Can you find your coat?"

  • "Throw this in the trash can, please."

That's it! Have a great time, and keep your eye out because I'll be creating some more versions of this scavenger hunt (an outdoor one, an older toddler one, and more!).

Have FUN!



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