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I'm so glad you are here. Are you feeling overwhelmed and lonely being a mama in this pandemic? Overworked, overstressed and overstimulated? I'm with you. Welcome.

I'm on a quest for self-acceptance. In this blog, I'll be sharing stories & tips along the way, in the hopes that someone out there learns to love themselves a little bit more too!

I am:

  • A wife & mama of two toddlers (3 and 1). They are the light of my life!

  • A Highly Sensitive Person. (More info on that here).

  • A former high school biology teacher. Now I work in marketing, designing websites and managing social media.

So, let me know! Do we have anything in common?



Welcome to Imperfectly Ali

I'm a mama, DIY enthusiast, and my own worst critic, on the road to fulfillment in imperfection. Thanks for stopping by!

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