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Days 21-25: Week 5 Roundup

It's Week 5 of my free resource, 25 Days of Toddler Play!

25 Days of Toddler Play is divided into 5 weeks, with 5 activities per week. You can do any of them at any time, this is just how I chose to introduce the program.

Because I'm a former teacher, I introduce the supply list before the week begins so you can make sure you already have everything you need.

The program also includes one or two toys per week that I think are high-value for the cost and are shoppable on my Amazon storefront.

Day 21: Dot Stickers 3 Ways

You can make this activity appropriate for ANY age toddler!

✨ TIP: First, peel the backing off of the stickers so your toddler can more easily get the stickers off. This makes ALL the difference, especially with the younger ones! ✨

1. Tape colored construction paper to the wall and have your toddler color match the dots

2. Draw either uppercase letters (older toddler) or large shapes (younger toddler) on a piece of paper and various corresponding lowercase letters/small shapes on each dot sticker - have your toddler match the letters/shapes.

3. Draw a shape, letter, or line on a box or piece of paper and have your toddler cover up the line with dot stickers.

Have fun!! Let me know which one your toddlers love the most! 🌈

Day 22: Spray & Squeegee

This activity is pure magic, folks. Spray bottle + squeegee = endless entertainment.

It works best on glass, like glass doors or glass showers, but any waterproof surface works fine. Heck, use your car!

If you have more than one child I highly recommend getting a spray bottle + squeegee for each child - it's THAT entertaining.

The yellow squeegee you see pictured here is from @lovevery (The Enthusiast Kit- my fav, the same one that comes with the adorable picnic set)- it's sized JUST right for toddler hands, and it comes with a corresponding spray bottle.

I cannot recommend the Lovevery play kits enough, but ESPECIALLY the ones for age 2. Lovevery has brought me SO much peace, and for that I'm so grateful.

Day 23: Planting with Kitchen Scraps 🌱 ☀️

You’ve probably heard that Earth Day is coming up… what better time, then, to start teaching your little ones about sustainability? 🌎

In my experience, toddlers LOVE gardening. They love getting their hands dirty. They love watching plants grow. They love stepping into that caretaker role.

Do you have to actually plant your seeds in a garden and spend hours every day weeding to teach kids about gardening? NO. Do you have to spend hundreds on soil, pots, seeds, and various gardening implements? NO.

You can use an egg carton and scraps from food you eat. If you really want to commit, you can make your own compost and use that as soil/fertilizer (or you could just shop the link in my bio for some potting soil). We got our little potting tray you see in the photo from Ocean State Job Lot for $7, which came with soil.

Here are some seeds you can save:

🌱 Apple seeds

🌱 Zucchini/Summer Squash

🌱 Peppers

🌱 Romaine Lettuce (put the bottom 1-inch section in a glass of water for a week until leaves start sprouting out)

🌱 Celery (same deal as the lettuce)

🌱 Tomatoes

Have your toddler push their finger into the soil to make a hole, drop a few seeds in, cover with soil and water.

Repeat every day and send me pics of what grows!

Day 24: Egg Matching

Whether or not these plastic eggs have a holiday significance to you, toddlers find it incredibly fun to play with them. They stack well, they can match colors, and you can draw on them (sharpie will wash off with rubbing alcohol). My kids have loved playing with the eggs every springtime when they come out, no matter their ages. For my preschooler I did uppercase/lowercase matching, and for my 1 year old I drew matching shapes on the eggs. She mostly just wanted to dump them all over the floor, to her great amusement, so fun was had either way! I hope you all have a great day! Let me know if you try this one!

Day 25: Kinetic Sand

✨Shop this post here. (affiliate link)

This one's SO simple, friends. Open bag. Empty bag onto floor (or baking dish, or water table). Done. If you haven't head of kinetic sand, you need to get yourself some ASAP (it's on my Amazon storefront under week 5 supplies). Kinetic sand is *like* wet sand, in that it holds its shape, but it isn't actually wet and doesn't leave any sticky/oily residue on your hands. Plus, it doesn't dry out, and it's super easy to clean up. I've tried several DIY recipes but have never been able to get it as high quality as the stuff you can buy. We used yesterday's plastic eggs as molds, which the kids had a blast with. But we usually just use pails, shovels, trucks, measuring cups, and other sand toys that we have for the beach. Do you have any kinetic sand tips to share? Let me know in the comments!



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