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Introducing 25 Days of Toddler Play

Read on for details and more information about when I'm planning to get started!

The Backstory:

When the pandemic started, I had a 20 month old son at home. Like everyone else, we took to social media to try to fill the long isolating days with fun activities for our son. We found a LOT of activities for toddlers, but I quickly learned that the way my son plays didn't align with 99% of what was out there in terms of toddler activities. He's just naturally a very curious child, coupled with the fact that he does everything with his whole body, and this makes him more prone to spill, break, dismantle, or otherwise destruct whatever sweet little activity I'd set out for him to do.

I remember so clearly during this time that, after 2 weeks of diligent quarantining, we went over to a friend's house so our sons of similar age (just under 2) could play together. She set out a wonderful sensory water experience for the two of them, with floating and sinking objects, cups and bowls of different shapes to pour, the whole nine yards. Her son instantly sat down and busied himself in the work of play.

My son filled up a cup, put some toys in it, and immediately dumped the entire thing all over himself.

Please know that I fully realize that this is normal behavior for a toddler. However, it just made finding ways to entertain him while keeping myself sane a little bit tricker. I don't do well with chaos. (It's one of the reasons I was so anxious and stressed out every day working as a teacher.) But it seemed that every time I tried a "sensory activity" with my toddler, chaos ensued.

So, I set out to compile a list of activities that entertained him while keeping my sanity. And there began the 25 Days of Play idea.

The Details:

Each week, I'll be posting a supply list. Most of these items you probably have around the house: measuring cups, baking trays, etc. Some you *might* have, like popsicle sticks. Others will be new products (affiliate links) that I feel are high quality and will last you for years of play - but still inexpensive. If I put a new toy on the supply list for a week, I'll make sure the activity that uses the toy comes at the end of the week so you will definitely get it in time.

Each day (5 days per week), I'll explain what the activity of the day is. The activities I have planned have all been tried and tested by my now 1 and 3 year olds, who are POLAR OPPOSITES of each other in terms of how they play. My son (3) tends to do everything with his whole body (and can be rough with toys - read the backstory above!), and my daughter (1) is very intentional with her play and gentle (mostly). I'll be reporting on how each of them plays and giving tips on how you can customize the activity to your child's, as well as to your child's age.

If you like what you see, and you want to help me grow, PLEASE share these activities with other mamas who might benefit from them! I'll be doing a giveaway over on my Instagram page - every time you tag me in a post or story with yourself or your child doing the activity, it's one entry into the giveaway.

Stay tuned for more details, and I can't wait to begin! The fun starts Monday, March 14 2022!



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